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The EMST Approach to Management Development:

  • supports management development from within your organisation - your solutions to suit your business.
  • is non judgemental and takes an objective view from outside the organisation.
  • focuses on the solution not the problem.
  • provides a ‘safe place’ in which management issues can be explored.
  • explores beliefs and values and changes those that are unhelpful.
  • is flexible and committed to going the ‘extra mile’ in order to achieve success.


EMST provides transformational management development which goes beyond conventional skills training by raising awareness, assigning responsibility and encouraging independent learning. Coaching programmes will only start following a detailed analysis of the client’s needs and clear intended outcomes have been agreed.


The EMST approach recognises that personal and organisational wellbeing are irrevocably connected. EMST helps managers to identify issues relating to their work / life balance to ensure that they are achieving their full potential. EMST believes that ‘a fit mind in a fit body’ is a core element in building resilience and combating management stress.


Every EMST programme is tailored to the specific needs of the client which can include coaching individuals and teams to improve performance and / or working across the whole organisation to introduce a coaching culture through a mixture of workshops, seminars and individual discussions.