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Management Coaching is about:

  • improving the performance of the business.
  • the development of management thinking & behaviour.
  • developing management skills through experience ‘on the job’ not as a classroom exercise.
  • moving the client into their learning zone – and keeping them there.
  • guidance from the coach over time to embed new behaviours.
  • understanding what works.
  • understanding what does not work and what to do about it.
  • empowerment through ownership and independent learning.

When Mike was promoted to his first management post his boss patted him on the back and said; ‘Congratulations, welcome to the management team and just remember there are no bad employees only bad managers!’ and so began Mike's thirty year involvement with the art and science of management.

EMST Development recognises the impact that the quality of management has on individuals and the wider organisation. Through coaching and mentoring EMST will ensure that the management of your business is making the best possible contribution towards achieving your goals.