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"Mike has been a great mentor for me and encouraged and supported me in dealing with life’s challenges. I now feel empowered and confident to deal with scenarios which I previously had anxieties about. I have recommended Mike to my colleagues."

Strategy Co-ordinator

"Mike is a brilliant personal development facilitator. He has huge empathy with people and possesses great insight and depth of knowledge. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking assistance with furthering their personal and professional development."

Independent Music Professional

"Mike was a very attentive listener and used his experience in such a way that he got me to consider the difficulties and find my own solutions. Mike also pushed me on several occasions to extend my boundaries and so develop further than perhaps anticipated. The coaching was excellent and I feel that I have progressed greatly under Mike’s guidance. I would recommend this to other managers who were recently appointed"

Team Manager

"Mike was my mentor for over 12 months when I was new into my role. Mike helped me enormously using a number of coaching techniques. He showed he had a wide knowledge of management and organisational theory and practice, and he was able to help me shape my thinking into achievable, but challenging actions. I strongly recommend Mike."

Corporate Research & Intelligence Manager

"Having been the very proud owner of a flourishing Complementary Therapy business for four years I decided it was time to expand which involved taking on several associate therapists. I made all the practical arrangements but soon realised that my management skills were somewhat lacking. I had met Mike from EMST Development at a business networking group and he agreed to become my management mentor. Mike has helped me with sound advice and guidance and has enabled me to develop my managerial skills. He has a knack of NOT telling you how to do things but guides you along the path to self discovery. He asks thought provoking questions, helps you to consider situations from different perspectives and allows you to learn at your own pace. I now feel more confident and have gained management skills which have been of great benefit to the development of my therapy centre. I would recommend Mike to anyone who needs to develop their management capabilities and improve the performance of their business."

Owner of Complementary Therapy business

"Having been through massive changes to my daily work, including office relocation, reduced pay and changing roles, survival of numerous rounds of redundancy but also being made redundant twice in different industries over 20 years or so, I felt I needed to seriously consider some form of self-employment. Mike appealed to me after I heard him give a short talk in which he said he was especially interested in dealing with 'people whose careers had gone pear-shaped for all sorts of reasons'. Mike first helped me draw up a skills and values audit to clarify my strengths, preferences and experience. This was later used to totally re-write and re-prioritise my CV, a hugely important task which has paid dividends in all sorts of ways. My restructured and rewritten CV has formed the basis of new job applications, a new Linked-in profile, a new website and other job application-focused activities.

Given the lack of success I had faced in applying for some jobs in one particular sector I increasingly considered the possibility of becoming self-employed or setting up a micro-business while maintaining some regular employment. Mike introduced me to business plans, tax, accounting and marketing. He regularly gave me tips, information and links to organisations, websites or individuals with other expertise and advice. He never pushed any particular career route and encouraged me to consider all possibilities, highlighting the pros and cons of each. However he encouraged me to take real steps and actions when needed, setting helpful targets and priorities to assist momentum. Likewise, when I felt a bit anxious or hesitant, he provided encouragement to make me take decisions and be confident.

Mike's holistic approach encourages a human approach to thinking about our working lives and life beyond work. He highlighted how I could use my personal time, rather than family time, in my long-term micro-business project, so as to protect some family life and important relationships. He also reminding me to trust my intuition, deal with fears which are often based on imagined, potential situations rather than real ones. Likewise he highlighted how humans need to satisfy their desires, rediscover their natural self-belief, which can take a hammering at work, use help and contacts all around them, and persist. Also importantly, he reminded me that it is never too late to do the things you have dreamed of. My micro-business is still in its early days and I am constantly learning new things but Mike has been the key factor in the progress I have made since meeting him. "

Journalist, PR Consultant