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Personal Development

We all have the right to lead happy, successful, contented and fulfilled lives. EMST personal development uses a variety of coaching, mentoring and NLP techniques to enable you to achieve the life you deserve.

  • Do you want to achieve more with less effort?
  • Do you want a clear direction for your life?
  • Do you want to achieve your true potential?
  • Do you want to feel valued?
  • Do you want to achieve happiness and success?
  • Do you want to overcome the fear of failure?
  • Do you want to communicate more effectively?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions EMST personal development will help you to lead a less stressful, more productive and balanced life.

Coaching programmes are designed around each client’s individual needs. However, meetings are usually monthly lasting for 1 to 1.5 hrs and can be either face to face (at a mutually convenient venue) or via Skype / FaceTime or telephone. Reasonable e mail or telephone contact is available between meetings (e.g. two contacts per week between 8.00am. and 6.00pm.) Following each session meeting notes including action points are forwarded to the client by e mail.

Take the first step along your personal development pathway – phone / text 07799 525406 or e mail today to arrange a ‘no obligation’ discussion. We provide an initial, no obligation meeting and a standard programme comprises 6 x 1 hour sessions.

Case Study 1

Client A had established a thriving business but was now working ‘all day every day’ and his family life and personal life were suffering. Personal development coaching helped him to review his priorities and working practices. He came to realise that his work life, family life and personal life were inextricably linked and by working ‘smarter not harder’ he was able to re-align his priorities and lead a more fulfilled life.

Case Study 2

After experiencing difficulties at school client B had acquired a number of limiting beliefs and had a fear of failure. Through personal development coaching he was able to challenge and change his beliefs and recognise that failure was not something to be afraid of but an opportunity to learn and develop. We reviewed his skills and he has now acquired the confidence to design a website for a local charity and has set up his own on-line business.

Case Study 3

After leaving University three years ago client C had been unable to find a job. She felt undervalued and could not see a way forward. Personal development coaching gave her the opportunity to clarify what was important to her and recognise her skills and potential. As her confidence and motivation increased she was able to make realistic plans and take the first steps towards achieving her goals, including finding employment.